Simply put there is nothing on earth that is 100% perfect. No matter what quality it is engineered in, there will still be some reasons not to like or use that product. Pergo is not an exception.


Most important is the durability of Pergo flooring. This is made possible by the great strength it possesses. The High Density Fiber wood chip base coupled with the addition of hard particles on the surface layer improves its strength greatly. And to surprise you, it is over 20 times stronger than the laminate of a kitchen counter top. The wear resistant surface is made of a melamine resin. The wood base also adds to its stability and balance, taking into consideration that it is a flooring material.

The Luster Gard surface protection renders Pergo flooring impervious to stains and moisture. Indentation is also minimized by this layer. You can therefore trust Pergo flooring for high traffic areas, where the up and down movements never seem to end. Active families have also found this type of flooring suitable; they can play with their pets and children can have their fun time without restriction.

“Relatively cheap” is the term to use for this flooring, considering the more expensive options like hardwood flooring. A package will rarely include imperfect pieces as encountered in hardwood flooring. Also, the installation requirements are quite easy and you can actually do it yourself. The newer versions have a click and lock design as opposed to the older products which had to be glued together. Every room in the house, be it the kitchen, bathroom, living room, master bedroom, dining room, children’s play room, study room, name it, can be fitted with Pergo flooring.

After installation, care and maintenance is not an uphill task. A quick sweep, some damp mop and light vacuuming is all you need to maintain that brilliant look. No additional cost is incurred for those expensive detergents, soaps, floor scrubbers, abrasive cleaners, etc.


Pergo does not tolerate excessive water and this fact must be respected. It may be involving to never allow a stagnant pool of water on the floor throughout its life.

As beautiful as it is, it remains a synthetic product and cannot equal the elegance of natural wood, reason why some still go for hardwood flooring. The value of a property is higher with hardwood flooring than with Pergo floors.

Of a lesser magnitude is the slippery nature of the floor. Some like while others fear it, thus Pergo introduced the skid resistant variety for a balance. Lastly, damaged planks require replacement as Pergo cannot be refinished or sanded. This may be expensive depending on the extent of the damage.

Whatever side weighs more to you, choose whether to buy it or seek an alternative.


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