As durable as Pergo is, it is foolish to handle it carelessly. Like any other precious item, it is reasonable to apply the necessary precautions that will see it stand the test of time.

Moveable furniture poses the risk of scratching and denting the floor seriously. Therefore, always ensure the felt floor protectors are fixed under the legs of moveable furniture. Similarly, chair casters should be made of rubber, not plastic or metal.

Wood is known to swell and warp when subjected to water for a long time. You are therefore advised never to leave moisture on the floor for longer than 30 minutes. Neither should you allow any liquid to stand on the floor. In case of any spill, make an effort to wipe it away immediately.

You may think that waxing, polishing, sanding and refinishing the Pergo flooring will renew its beauty and perfect the appearance. Never attempt these. It may work in hardwood flooring, but this is a totally different product.

To prevent the gradual accumulation of grit and gravel on the flooring, place walk off mats at the entrance of a room with Pergo flooring. The mat is to trap the sand, grit and gravel that your shoes go collecting all along the way.

The planks may gradually become separated in the case of inferior glueless laminate floors. With an appropriate tool, maybe a light hammer, tap the planks back together. Always do this regularly so as to ensure that grit does not collect in the gaps to enormous amounts; it will be costly and tedious to rectify this situation. Pergo, foreseeing this menace, came up with the quality glueless laminate flooring. These use a joining mechanism that holds the planks together under a constant tension, preventing dirt entering the joints, thus no need for the regular tapping.

The floor is bound to last long if such measures are carefully considered.


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