Best Laminate Pergo Floors

Pergo Jatoba 8mm Accolade Laminate

Started in 1977, Pergo floors have been most prominent in Western Europe homes. In the past several years, clever marketing strategy has made Pergo floors become increasingly popular in the United States too. Such popularity is enhanced by the desire of all and sundry to possess property with good value, despite the fact that hardwood flooring is becoming unaffordable to many. The look and feel of hardwood also adds elegance to one’s home. With guaranteed durability and the easy installation and maintenance procedures, Pergo is now in the lead.

Having chosen Pergo as a flooring product, you’ll need to carefully choose the model that suits your lifestyle and budget. Pergo products come in a wide range of colours and styles with different installation methods. Three options exist as regards the method of installation. These are: glueless Pergo floors, Glue Pergo floors and pre-glued Pergo floors. All have their advantages and disadvantages, and thus your own discretion will matter here.

Pergo glueless floors are the most expensive of the three types, but the easiest to install. They are simply installed by an interlocking groove and tongue system. The edges of the planks come with a special sealant that prevents moisture from penetrating into the subfloor. This is the most suitable option for a do it yourself project. You’ll need simple tools such as a hammer, tightening straps, a tapping block and a saw. The pieces have an adhesive strip that adheres to the subfloor. Just use your knowledge of the tools and measurements and get the work done.

Second is the Pre-glued Pergo flooring. Here, each floor piece comes with some glue pre-applied to the tongue. All the installer has to do is wet the tongue and fix it when the wetted area turns lime green. This surely needs more skills than the previous model and thus a Do-It-Yourself project will need a second thought.

The least expensive model is the Glue-It-Yourself Pergo flooring. It is concurrently the most difficult to install. Only experience will enable you install it with few difficulties. You should know how much glue to use so that you are neither on the excess nor on the too little side. Ensure that the individual pieces are fixed securely together to prevent warping in the future.

Your lifestyle and budget counts when it comes to the choice of the model. A wise choice will make you enjoy your product more.


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