Pergo Laminate Floors

Pergo Laminate Floors

With more than 30 years worth of design experience, Pergo flooring, without doubt, features the most authentic looking laminate floors. The design offers you the warmth and texture of real natural wood, to such an extent that real hardwood no longer remains the only worthwhile home improvement option; it is both prohibitively costly and difficult to maintain. It’s no joke that you may be unable to distinguish between the 2 because of the close resemblance.

Do it yourself enthusiasts are at home with Pergo flooring installation. This has been made possible by the innovative dual lock installation system which renders the job a simple snap and click undertaking. Of great importance is the Pergo interactive room planner. This will help you meticulously plan your interior design and decorations. Download it for free from the official Pergo website and get those important tips.

The manufacturers have seen to it that Pergo flooring can be installed over virtually any existing floor, except carpet and real hardwood on concrete. Note that cabinets should first be installed before tackling the floor. Durability is ensured by the AC rating of 3, a high enough value. The kitchen and the bathroom are not left out as is the case with hardwood flooring. With Pergo, you are guaranteed lasting good looks by the power of the Luster Gard surface which is wear resistant.

If you prefer stone tiles to hardwood, Pergo still has the answer for you. Planks with dual-tone tile finishes are also produced, and for that case, you can choose totally realistic ceramic tile designs with grout lines from the Pergo Accolade laminate flooring line. Just install carefully and adequately seal the gaps to get a tiled bathroom ready for use immediately. Thus you’ll rest from the messy cracking and moldy grout associated with tiles.

To create a professional finish to your house, there is a range of color coordinated decorative transition moldings. The Pergo carpet transitions, Pergo Hard Surface Reducers or Pergo End Moldings can be used to finish the doorways and areas around tubs and basins. Sound is adequately dampened by the Pergo Underlayment. This also creates warmth and improves the walking comfort.

You’ll need to keep dirt and moisture at bay to ensure the durability of the floor. Perform daily damp mops without using any soap or detergents. Remove spots using the conventional methods, making sure that you don’t make indentations on the floor with sharp objects. With such practices, the floor is bound to last long with never ending beauty.


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