Installing Pergo floors is easy. The fact that one can install the floor of a whole living room in one day in a Do-It-Yourself project verifies the statement.

Before embarking on the actual installation, it is wise to plan how you are going to go about the work. A variety of web based planning tools are available for review. Carefully read the detailed installation instruction for your specific product. It is worth to note that the different styles of the Pergo flooring may have different installation procedures. The Pergo project planner becomes handy in estimating the amount of money needed for the job, the tools needed, the time needed, the effort to be applied and also may help you to find a professional installer based on your area of residence.

It is a good thing to involve trained professionals who have the required skills and vast experience in installation. Moreover, they have all the important tools at hand, which may cost you a fortune to acquire or even hire them.

Each plank should be inspected at close range to ensure its soundness. For the first row along a straight wall, remove the tongue on all long side joints and on the short side of the first plank only. Go on to align and slide the planks and joints together. Don’t forget to leave a ,3-8.  inch space for expansion on all sides.

Start new rows with pieces that are trimmed from the previous row. For efficient interlocking, provide a 12 inch end joint offset throughout. For installation around fixed objects such as pipes, don’t forget to leave an expansion space of ,3-8.  of an inch.

Door-way frames may require a slightly different approach. First, remove the lock and replace it with a small bead of wood glue. Take care not to locate the end joint within the doorway, i.e. if possible. Gently slide the plank under the previously cut door frame. Starting with the long side joint, tap it closed, then proceed to the end joints.

It is common sense to use your own personal discretion where the general installation procedure may not apply. Just be detailed in your work and tailor it to a perfect finish.


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