Pergo is a hybrid product. It is made up of a number of lamina (i.e. layers) which adhere firmly together after subjection to intense heat and pressure. The use of harmful glues and other toxic chemicals is avoided during the bonding of the product, thus production of user friendly products that don’t tamper with people’s health.

The first layer is “Luster Gard”. This is a layer consisting of a resin of melamine which has been enriched with particles of aluminium oxide to produce a surface that is highly resistant to scratch and scuff. This way, it becomes a highly durable and wear resistant surface layer, ensuring protection against damage. If a more realistic look and feel is desired, AccuWood texture can be added.

The following layer is simply a sheet of wood grain photograph with stabilizing core papers. As many designs as there are of different wood grain patterns can thus be produced, leaving the consumer with a wide range of colors to choose from. The beauty of the design, colour richness and realism is enhanced by the four color image process.

Below the decorative graphic sheet we find a highly durable High Density Fibre (HDF) board. This ensures stability of the planks, adds to its strength and provides dent resistance. Advanced Engineering processes are employed to produce high quality boards. The raw materials for the manufacture of the HDF board are majorly recycled wood products, thus a very environmentally friendly product.

Last is the core backing material which is essentially glue. This helps in making the installation process easy. In place of the glue, a premium attached underlayment may be used. This layer also improves the sound characteristics of the laminate flooring.

This is a process that requires close attention so as to ensure only quality products are produced. In a world where customers know what is good and what is bad, the manufacturer wouldn’t want to make losses.


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