Pergo Flooring Accessories

pergo 4in1 molding

Installation of Pergo floors is definitely not all it takes to have an elegant room. In addition to the basic installation much more is needed to actually perfect the whole room. This is the reason for the manufacture of several Pergo Accessories to accompany the Pergo flooring. From the definition, an accessory is a thing which is added to something else in order to make it more useful, versatile or attractive. Pergo Flooring comes with several accessories as seen below.

First we have the Pergo Stair Nosing. This is used to finish the edges of stairs or any other step down applications. It is anchored with screws and construction adhesive. It also contains LusterGard Plus for an outstanding scuff and scratch resistance. It measures 6.5 feet and its price is about $52.

Another accessory is the Four in One Molding. This serves one of four uses: T-Molding, Carpet Transition, End Molding or Hard Surface Reducer. Two different 3 foot moldings can be assembled from one package. No glue is required for installation. It measures 6.5 feet.

The Pergo Quarter Round is a decorative molding that conceals the 1/4” expansion space between Pergo flooring and existing wall bases. It measures 94.5 inches.

To finish your Pergo flooring installation from the floor to the wall, the Pergo Wallbase comes in handy. It is nailed in place and touched up with finishing putty.

Of much importance is the Pergo Four in one Profile. It is a unique profile that is an expansion, edge, carpet and ramp edge profile, all in one. You can select from a group to get the best match for your flooring selection. It is used in doorways without thresholds, or when installing large floor areas. They allow for natural movements in the floor which occur with changes in temperature and humidity. The Pergo transition profiles are used to ensure a gentle and smooth transition between Pergo and another floor or flooring material.


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