Your mind is settled and you have decided Pergo is the way to go. What style do I choose? What colour? What…? What…? The list becomes endless. It is wise to have an overview of the different choices available to you.

Based on colour and appearance, we have quite a lot, but below is just a fraction of the different ones produced.


  • Acadia oak
  • Aged hand-scrapped oak
  • Alexandria wall nut
  • Allendale oak
  • American beech
  • American beech blocked
  • American hand-scrapped oak
  • Antique Cherry
  • Berkshire oak
  • Boathouse pine
  • Bristol chestnut
  • Cottage maple
  • Durhan oak
  • Fresh pine
  • Ginger Tiger wood
  • Ebonized oak
  • Hampton Hickory
  • Hand-scraped kingwood
  • Golden rod hickory
  • Golden Tahitian Oak


Important to note is that these varieties don’t imply the materials used to make the planks. These are just the photographic sheets embedded in the laminate to mimic natural wood. Don’t go for the oak variety with the mindset that it may be harder than the pine.

The different collections that exist for the Pergo flooring are as listed below:

  • Pergo accolade
  • Pergo Presto
  • Pergo Casual Living
  • Pergo American Cottage
  • Pergo Elegant Expressions
  • Pergo prestige
  • Pergo simple renovations
  • Pergo Casual Living Exotics
  • Pergo XP

Under classification according to the style, the following 4 categories exist:

  • Traditional Pergo
  • Exotic Pergo
  • Rustic Pergo
  • Stone or Tile Pergo

All these varieties can come in the following formats, i.e. the width of the planks:

  • 4.9”
  • 5”
  • 5.3”
  • 5.6”
  • 7.6”
  • 7.7”
  • 8”
  • 11”

From all these, you surely have more than enough varieties to choose from. It all depends on one’s tastes and preferences.


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