Beautiful Pergo Floors

Beautiful Pergo Floors

With Pergo, the customer has a very wide range of products to choose from. You can make your choice in terms of the colour, the style, the method of installation, etc. One of the most recent innovative flooring products on the market is Pergo Presto.

This is a glueless product. This means you don’t have to apply the glue yourself during the installation. No wetting is required. The pieces are simply slid into one another by the groove and tongue system. The adhesive strip found on the backside of the piece attaches it to the subfloor. Any subfloor (wood, concrete or tile) is appropriate for use except carpet. A do it yourself project will thus work with this kind of flooring.

As long as humans inhabit the house, errors are bound to occur, one being accidental spills. However, the worst mistake one can do is to allow the moisture to get its way to the subfloor. This will eventually spoil the floor due to warping and swelling. To curb this problem, Pergo presto comes with a built-in sealant which prevents the penetration of moisture to the subfloor.

There are numerous online companies that deal with Pergo Presto and all its accessories. You can always order, pay online and wait for the delivery of the product at your doorstep. Whatever way you choose to go, cost is of vital importance, therefore do your calculations properly. Remember to inquire on the availability of the various customer services related to floor installation.

Pergo Floors can easily be installed over a weekend if you have the basic knowledge of the tools to use and all the necessary measurements. The internet offers free installation instructions and it is recommended you read this before the actual installation. Libraries too cannot miss books on installations. If time doesn’t allow, the home improvement stores in your locality can dispatch installers to your home, after which you pay some money. This has the advantage of a faster and professional installation.

It is recommended that the floor pieces be acclimatized to the room of installation for 48 hours. Just leave them in an open box so that they adapt to the humidity levels in the room. The elegant look you so longed for awaits you if you do everything to the required details.


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