Often times, accidents are bound to happen leading to the damage of the Pergo flooring. Be it minor or major damages, the remedy cannot miss.

Small chips, scratches and mini indentations caused by moving sharp objects on the floor can easily be sealed up. Use the Pergo finishing putty to do this maintenance procedure. There are as many colours of the finishing putty as there are of the laminate flooring. Make sure you keenly choose the colours as you sure wouldn’t want a real clashing right in the living room. It is advisable to inspect the colour when you are at least two as nobody would like to admit that he or she is colour blind.

For more significant damage, it is recommended that the whole plank be replaced. If the area to be repaired is bigger than a ¼ of an inch, this is considered significant damage. So how do you go about it all alone?

First, you must inspect the colour and style of your Pergo laminate flooring so that the replacement plank matches the rest. You may already be having extras that were left over during the initial installation, or you may need to buy new ones. If buying, carefully choose the colour that matches the already installed planks. Be assured that there will be no colour variation as the floor does not at all fade.

To disassemble the plank, lift the row as a whole, then slide the end joint apart. Once done, clear the subfloor of any dirt that may cause unevenness. Take the new plank and tap the long side joint closed first. Tap the two end joints closed and you have successfully completed the replacement.

A Do-It-Yourself may prove difficult if the damage is over a large area. Don’t hesitate to locate flooring professionals in your locality. They have the proper tools and the necessary training for plank replacement.

The advantage with Pergo flooring is that no one will notice that a repair has been done because the old and new planks are all alike.


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