The Many Uses of Pergo Floors

Pergo, so far, can be considered the best substitute for the expensive but elegant hardwood flooring. Pergo consists of 3 layers bound together by intense heat and pressure. The first layer is the Luster Gard surface protection, which has melamine resin to make it durable and wear resistant. Next is the decorative layer of a wood grain graphic sheet embedded in stabilizing core papers. The highly durable High Density Fiber board brings stability and makes the planks very strong. Due to this carefully engineered design, the Pergo flooring can be used practically in all the rooms.

Living Room

The decorative layer makes the Pergo flooring have a beauty to be desired. When installed in the living room, it leaves the feel of a natural hardwood floor but without the prohibitive costs. The wear resistant surface allows heavy furniture to be comfortably used in the living room, only make sure you fit felt furniture pads on the legs for precautionary purposes. Being scratch resistant due to the hard surface layer, pets can comfortably enjoy the living room without fear of spoiling the floor. Children can also play to their fill without any damage to the floor.


Pergo is suitable for all rooms except those rooms with sump pumps. The illustrious glamour you may need in your kitchen can be provided by Pergo. The dropping of kitchenware need not cause you sleepless nights because Pergo is scratch resistant. Likewise, if some liquid spills on the floor, no damage can be caused to the impervious Pergo unless the liquid is left standing for more than 30 minutes. Cleaning Pergo is also easy, hence suitable for the kitchen.


A hardwood floor installed in the bathroom will soon get damaged because the ever present moisture causes serious warping of the wood and molds become a great issue. Pergo flooring does not have these shortcomings, thus very suitable. Washrooms, as highly trafficked as they are, can comfortably be fitted with Pergo flooring. People, baskets, washing machines, pets, name them, can be withstood by the sealant which holds the Pergo planks well. The floor is also resistant to nails, rough plastic edges and soapy water.

Just the look and feel of wood suffices for Pergo. The availability of numerous colours makes it possible to match the floor with the rest of the room. Pergo is thus a very versatile product.


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