What Is Pergo flooring?

Pergo is a multilayer synthetic flooring product that has been fused together by the process of lamination. It is also called “floating wood tile” simply because it is placed over the subfloor without being glued or fixing by other methods.

It almost resembles hardwood flooring, but it is not. This is because the surface layer is an actual photograph of wood grain, covered by a layer of hard transparent material. Under the photograph you will find a layer of wood chip composite about a half inch thick.  Others confuse it with vinyl tiling or engineered floor, but neither of the two are right.

There are many manufacturers of laminate flooring, but Pergo is the one in the lead, and arguably the most famous, to the extent that the brand name Pergo is now synonymous with laminate flooring. This wide recognition can be attributed to the quality standards of Pergo and its tireless efforts to market the brand globally to all and sundry. The other manufacturers of laminate flooring are Dupont de Nemours and Company, Mannington Mills and Armstrong. These are not as popular as Pergo. It is important to note that not all laminate flooring is equal in quality and properties, thus care should be taken when choosing the one to buy.

Its invention dates back to the year 1977, in which the Swedish company Perstop started the manufacture. They sold this laminate flooring under the brand name “Pergo”.  This company had been making laminate surfaces from way back in the 1920s. It then spun off its flooring division as the independent company named Pergo. This is now a subsidiary of Pfleiderer, a German building company whose headquarters are in Neumarkt in Oberpfalz, Germany.Pergo for Beach House

The company’s first major market was Europe. This, with time, expanded to the United States in 1994. Currently, Pergo products can be purchased directly from the factory outlet at a substantial saving, from associate retailers or even online. The distributors spun worldwide, thus no need to worry about the availability of Pergo flooring.


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