Amongst the many brands of laminate flooring produced in the recent past, Pergo is the top choice in the market, as evidenced by the huge sales volume. This is a result of over 30 years of constant upgrades and important technological advances that other manufacturers have not measured up to. Today, Pergo is increasingly becoming famous and many home owners are investing on it rather than other flooring options.

Any person considering a floor type will certainly need to know its life span. Carpets have the disadvantage of getting worn quickly, acquiring stubborn stains and getting smelly, depending on the users. Wood, on the other hand is known to deteriorate with time and diminish in its great looks. On the contrast is Pergo flooring which is made with a protective wear resistant LusterGard surface that prevents scratches, scuffs and indentations on the floor that may result from careless use of the floor or accidents.

High traffic areas, such as the kids’ play room, have often caused disgrace to carpets and other flooring types because of the rapid wear and tear that result. Pets also pose this problem as they will never stop scratching. Pergo is immune to all these, reason why they are preferred.

Like it or not, the reason why one would install an expensive floor is simply the beauty associated with it. On first sight, what positive comment can you make on the floor? Ten years down the line, will the initial comment hold? This is true for Pergo. The elegant look and classic feel of real hardwood last for years. The pieces also come in many finishes and thus can comfortably match any décor in the room. Comfort is enhanced by the premium underlayment, which also dampens sound and prevents the creaking and squeaking as one walks.

Maintenance is not that an uphill task. In fact, this is the reason they are preferred over hardwood. Daily cleaning involves a quick damp mop without the need of any detergent. Spots and marks can easily be removed by acetone or other commercial cleaners. Never will the floor be smelly because the impervious professional finish ensures that no moisture penetrates into the subfloor.

Finally, in these times of economic crises, recycling remains a much appreciated option for such costly undertakings like floor replacement. Being a floating floor, Pergo flooring can simply pulled up and installed in another home. Nobody will notice that it is a recycled thing because of the lasting good look.

Pergo thus remains the top choice despite the competition from other products.


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